Just a check in

Hello eveyone.It has been a long time since my last blog entry..I’ve been extremely busy and just dealing with life. I got Colin enrolled in preschool that has been a major change. At this time we only have him going one day a week for four hours. The place and teacher is amazing! She has 5 assistance and they have a lady that comes 3 times a week to teach spanish..that’s amazing! Well worth the money spent. Colin will be going full time in the near future, as our new business will aquire both my partner’s and my full attention..probably 7 days a week for the first couple months..as we get a full handle on the way things are ran. It should be happening really fast..we are getting very excited and a bit stressed out.

This past week we made a hard decision to sell our much loved truck. It was the nicest truck you’ve ever seen.. all the bells and whistles. But we are paying cash for our new business and we needed two new box trucks. So we decided to sell the truck for 40k and buy the trucks cash.we had 3 cars so this choice was fine. But we also said we would be soon buying a more family friendly vehicle.

Saturday morning I woke and looked at partner..I said let’s drop Colin at my parents and go look at the Toyota highlander limited.. that’s what partner wants..I didn’t so much..I wanted a Kia..So, we did just that..partner was emailing a sales man and was making deals..before I ever knew it. After we test drove the exact model..partner told the man we will take it! So off we drove in our new family, fully loaded..extremely too nice!! SUV..I love it.

So..back to my anxiety..it’s been low and I’m feeling amazing. No new news is great news. I’ll write more, but I must get Colin up from his nap time.

I’ll write more tonight..to catch up and to tell you all some of my complaints and worries


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