Just a check in..

I’m having a hard week and anxiety is running a muck.. I have a very sick father, grandfather and of course there is me..very sick! My anxiety is high and I can barely function..and I have had little sleep. I just want sleep! I’ve been dropping some weight, cause anxiety makes you sick to your stomach.

I want to address the beautiful and sad emails I’ve received..they are loving and some sad.. I will not use names, but one beautiful soul reached out to me.. she lost her son to anxiety..suicide. I feel for her, but I also feel for her son. This disease is horrific!! And I can relate to not wanting to live like this. But I must truck on..I have a baby and family and a great team of doctors. I will beat this…I WILL BEAT THIS!

I have been forcing myself to get out more.. parties, bridal showers, stores.. I’m getting better at getting out and about. That’s the best thing for anxiety.

Tonight my mom and dad are bringing dinner over..oh, I love not cooking! I’m excited.

This weekend partner will be gone to vegas..Batchelor party, ufc fight.. and I’ll be in Palm springs..for a birthday party. I’m nervous. I don’t like driving in areas I don’t know, but it will be so much fun.

My therapist asked me what would the old strong you do? I’ve been thinking about that question and I will blog later tonight my answer..but for now I must get dressed and be first in line for an oil change..

Thank you for following my blog and progress.. I need help and this makes it easy..even though my blog has slowed way down.I hope to pick it up again soon.

God bless, Happy Thursday


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