Monday nothings

Monday morning.. here you are, I’m finally awake to blog  in the early hours..

Friday night I was so uncomfortable, I took my 3 allowed xanex and tried to push forward..but my panic attack had me in its hold. Once again I’d be back in the hospital.

I have a doc appointment Wednesday..I’m hoping to move to a higher dose or a totally different class of benzos. One that has longer lasting affects. Or maybe  just something stronger would help.

After feeling better..I came home and could finally get some sleep..panic attacks suck! My body hurts.

Sunday we got out of the house and saw the trains in peris.not too fancy, but it got us out and that was nice.

I’m interested what g.p will have to say now..or what she will do. That stresses me feels like medication musical chairs. Just find the group of meds that work and let’s move on.

I some times lose hope I’ll ever feel normal again..that bumms me out. Between sleep deprivation and attacks I feel like I’m going crazy.

What if I always feel this way? What a bummer.

I’ve looked into natural herbs, but a lot of them can create panic attacks..they can bring up serotonin levels in your brain that cause you to have more attacks. Atleast that’s what I’m understanding when reading.

Here’s to a low anxiety day..just relaxing and no running around



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