Just a small

Well, it’s Wednesday night..I’ve started to blog at night cause I’m having trouble sleeping..and I’ve had a bit more anxiety during the day than I usually have. Just the usual uncomfortable tummy butterflies and nerves discomfort, combined with sweaty palms and raised blood pressure..and I’ve been having some many headaches. I’m just trying to go with the flow.

Today Colin and I started our cardio workout..we went on a speed walk for about 45 minutes. It was a beautiful day..the air felt great..a beautiful walk it was..Colin was relaxed and didn’t even talk the whole time.we both really enjoyed it. So we will keep this up.

I’m trying to find some herbal supplements to use instead of medication..so if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears..I’ll try just about anything.

I’m now just bundled in bed hopefully I’ll have less trouble sleeping tonight..if you have any suggestions for sleep..that would be awesome

Good night Wednesday


7 thoughts on “Just a small

  1. Hi 🙂 I like your blog! I have a difficulty getting to other blogs sometimes and commenting … its our internet connection slash wordpress hiccups, i think.
    The anxiety i experience comes hand in hand with pts(d) (undiagnosed for a very very long time!) … so feeling ya on the havoc that it causes!
    It’s taken me quite a few years to reduce / eliminate and replace pharmaceuticals with something that works for me. And I’m still working on it!
    I don’t take any anti anxiety meds now, except a half a benzo if its a full scale panic attack or i can’t sleep (for at least 3 consecutive days) – or there abouts anyway.
    I take a raft of other natural things, to boost the immune etc as i found as i decreased meds my system went slightly haywire.
    I take daily – high dose vitamin c; keep the coffee to a minimum (sometimes 😉 ) ; apple cider vinegar; baking soda and coconut oil … strange combo i know, but its working for me. I also eat organic vegetables, meat and milk and keep anything else to a minimum.
    Not sure that any of this is relevant to you … What I’m getting at I guess … is its an individual overhaul … trial and era, to figure out what works for you, especially with the ‘natural’ route.
    Hope you are well today 🙂
    (btw, I follow a few peeps with anxiety disorders, and have found their advice really helpful … I can leave the links for you … you may already follow them 🙂 )


      1. I did, but they may have gone to the spam section though 🙂 They all have medical conditions but deal with anxiety as well … I follow a few others with anxiety and will leave those with you when I find them 🙂


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