Valentine’s day love

Happy Valentine’s day.πŸ’˜ Not that it really is celebrated much around our home. I do try and make little holidays special. Before Colin was born, almost three years ago.. I would bake treats and make partner gifts and buy him small things. But now that my son is part of the mix..we kinda don’t celebrate eachother anymore. Sad, but it’s ok..

Today I had therapy. So, as usual I pack Colin into the car around 7am and head to my parents house.. I like to leave early in the I don’t have to sit around my house for hours, waiting on the clock.

Today, while at my mom’s house.. in the morning. I made my usual strawberry cupcakes with vanilla icing.πŸ₯.the icing was hot pink and I added hot pink crystal sprinkles..OK, so no.. they are not homemade..they’re from a box. But partner loves strawberry cupcakes.πŸ’—. Β and I make them every year. I love baking at my mom’s house, she has everything you need to bake or house..not so much.

Therapy went went really fast, but now that my therapist knows me.. I believe the progress will be made..he is helping me find ways to overcome some of the anxiety and finding tools to use every day. I need to start some cardio.. enough to really get up my heart rate. I will start tomorrow. We will go for a walk. This will be fun for colin and I. I use to workout everyday with a group of women, Β when Colin was only 6 weeks.. I stopped going after a few months..when I was having ppd. That was probably the worst decision. But if I remember correctly..partner had me quit..cause he wanted to buy a boat..oh, yeah, that’s right..that’s ultimately the reason..I guess I could of fought for it..but I also was very low..going through a low point of ppd..I’m not depressed like that anymore. Thank goodness. Not so sure I could handle anymore mental health issues. But it’s odd how ppd could leave without medication, but anxiety has manifested as much as it has..hmm weird.

So I will wake as I usually do but, tomorrow around 7..we will go for a walk..we have a nice trail by our house. Wow, I’m just thinking how I use to workout..walking, biking, running and weights all the time after Colin’s I’m trying to figure out why I stopped..sorry, it’s affecting my writing..I’m just trying to find out why I ever stopped doing it..I’ll put those thoughts to the side and ponder on it later. I will just start to do my old routine and get back in the groove.

When Colin and I arrived home I noticed a gift bag on the kitchen counter..oooooohhhh. for me!! Partner and I said we would not exchange gifts. But he got me one anyway..sweet as pie sometimes. I got my favorite perfume and came with the most beautiful card.πŸ’–.that describes me exactly 😚

That really made the day special.πŸ’œ.even though his attitude was still there. He took time and money out of his day and gave me something I’ve loved for a long time..yes..I love that perfume! It’s like they took love and happiness and made it into a liquid you can wear. That smell makes me so happy.πŸ’›

Hope your valentine’s πŸ’žwas a special one..even if you don’t us, but I hope someone did something special for I had done for me today..just makes you feel good πŸ’Ÿ




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