The Choice is Yours

I love this woman’s blog..she’s honest and raw and probably relate most to what she is saying.

A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave


Hmmm, well, no. Actually that is a mountain and medication… Shit is what you step in when you aren’t careful while walking around in nature. Shit is a biological process that helps eliminate waste from our system. Everyone poops… I think you get the picture.

This meme showed up in my Facebook feed yesterday. Initially, I wasn’t sure how to react. At first I thought I should just scroll past, as I’ve been doing with so many negative posts lately. However, I noticed how many people were ‘liking’ the picture, which led to me reading some of the comments. Then, the anger started to rise up in me. This! This ‘innocent’ little meme. This, right here, is part of the problem. This is the stigma against mental illness. This says all the wrong things. This says mental illness is a choice. This says I just have to get up and…

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