Monday morning nothings

Hey, There Monday..I slept past my 3am and I can’t get out of bed. I hear my toddler talking…but he can wait for me to blog.

I’ve been trying to read and take in all these other blog post..and  liking and following.. my goodness it’s worse than  high-school or any social media.. there are almost like the cool kids (the high followed blogs) and you kinda have to socialize around to get your story out..hmm. OK.  I was told that blogging was a verb! I’ve been hearing a lot of these types of statements.

All I want to do is connect with others that are going through this. I think I’m cool with my little pond of bloggers..I don’t need that type of validation. I don’t bank on blogging..I just simply need and want to help. After all I’ve already had a life of being the cool kid..lived it, owned it, got the t- shirt..

Yesterday, was kinda up at my usual 3 am prepped dinner and fed him a haircut..oh, Lord that child is a terror when it comes to the barber..he flips out. How can a cosmetologist have a son that fears haircuts..this can’t be my child. The poor barber and other people in that shop..he screams and you have to pin him’s a workout.

I had to go to Walmart again..I need another gift for a bday party..that went terrible..I ended up leaving the cart and dragging Colin to the car..he needed a nap.

We decided to take Colin to the carnival in temecula. It’s a run down, nasty germ filled..way over priced…probably going to die on its rusty old ride..and I believe the ride runners are all on dope.kinda place. Colin went on rides by himself..that made me sad and Hella watch him on the dumbo go way up and down..knowing my child might stand up and jump goodness I was dying..but, it was fun.

I will be blogging more later.. but life is calling and I must attend




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