Sunday morning calm.

Sunday morning is here..once again we meet. Sundays are is getting ready for work tomorrow and that means another week of alone, with the baby. I get anxiety on Sunday’s..but woke up felling  refreshed and no anxiety in my tummy..awesome!!

Yesterday, I got ready and had everything done by 630am..I needed to go to Walmart and the dollar store..I naturally assumed Colin would tag along, but partner said..”leave him here” did my ears hear him correct..yup, they sure did..I got to roam the stores in complete silence..looking at everything. For two whole hours..what a relief.

Little moments like this make me happy.

Today I take Colin for a haircut..oh, man!! You would think it was killing him..wish me luck!!

Colin just woke up and called for daddy.. daddy got up and got him from his, this has been a good weekend.

Oh, also friday..partner allowed me to go food shopping…alone! Well, Colin was napping so he couldn’t join me. Partner usually buys the food..I don’t know how to cook and he is never pleased by my choices at the store, but I spend less money and make better choices in food. He just wants to be better at everything than me..he makes a point to always point out he’s better than everone.. he pays zero complements..only put downs.. I’m rolling my eyes and shaking my head, right now. What a pompous, arrogant man.

He reminds me of a cave man.. probably a Trump loving, woman hating, glass is half full type…oh, man..big flaws!! He believes woman are dumb..haha but I can spell dumb..not sure he could. Yes, he’s a CEO of one of the largest distribution companies, partnered with the NUMBER one fortune 500 company..I hear that’s a big thing.. people brag about working for these fortune 500 companies..partner never brags..he instead listens to people brag and just let’s them..he’s not insecure. Most people that brag or feel the need to honk their own horn are typically insecure. But you’re allowed to be proud, just don’t sound like a horn tooting fool.

Uh oh..Colin is coming down stairs..Happy sunday.


2 thoughts on “Sunday morning calm.

  1. Just wanted to mention that I started my blog one week ago and have over 250 followers, let me know if I can help. Found your blog on (can’t remember the name, sorry), but replied to a comment of yours. 🙂 Deb


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