Nothing much in this post

It’s  3am, the house is silent.I can hear little rain drops hit the ground. I decided to go sit on the couch and try and blog a worthy post. But my mind is kind of blank.

All I can hear my mind say is..I must take an early shower and head out to find cute boxes for the wedding shower..darn crate and barrel sent the things I ordered with not one was just in a big ugly white box. Where do I find boxes big enough for my gifts..hmm maybe michaels.

I really do not have much going on this morning..nothing much to blog about..this probably is a good probably means my mind is slowing down and my worries are being set free.

I’m no longer a prisoner of my past or my future. But I still have anxiety..maybe I need to dig deeper into my head and purge more issues..maybe that’s the cure to anxiety?

Some days I wish I could open my back slider and scream profanity out the door, but I have I can not do this.

Ok..I’m going to go have some coffee..I think it will be ok to have a little today. I have low energy and I woke pretty mellow..

Let’s see if coffee can create an awesome post.


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