Friday bliss

I want to vent just for a minute..yesterday while cooking..which I do not enjoy.. I dropped food into boiling oil..the oil splashed up all over my arms..I woke this morning with massive burn bubbles all over my forearms. Ahhhh. And the pain is unreal.

Then  I’m preparing my coffee it spills all over the clean microwave.. I try and’s ok it just needs to be wiped up.. but what my subconscious is really saying..” come the f on, dude” can’t anything just go smooth!!!

I turn and see Colin has pulled every single little annoying toy from his toy box upstairs, into the kitchen… ahhh I’m a clean freak and toy phobic.

I made him a bowl of fruit and that little shit has squashed it all over my clean couches..oh, man…this is already a bad start to my day..

I’ve got laundry and other important phone calls today..  let’s get ourself together and not flip out.  But my mind is saying….nope you’re going to go insane today…I’m on over think overload and the tiny little easy fixable messes are sending me over the edge..and if I hear momma one more time..I’m going to scream..I love that beautiful boy, but I’m starting to think God sent him to punish me.

Ohhh I miss Fridays when I was single and didn’t have a baby.. that was a wonderful time.. now Friday is nothing more than a Monday on steroids.

Keep calm and just go with the flow..I will survive


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