Tuesday mornings

Good morning Tuesday! I’m so proud to announce that I’ve been feeling really well lately. Could it be therapy or the meds. Or both? Probably both. I recognize my triggers more..I’m allowing them to just kinda roll off my body.

When my partner gets on my nerves I just treat him as a teenager son and ignore him..not that this will work for every situation.. I don’t allow people to walk all over me..I fight back!! So it’s hard to just shut my mouth. I grew up in a hostile environment, where I was told my feelings and thoughts never mattered…and I always had to fight..for what was right, for myself.

I woke up really early 2am..but it’s ok..I needed a shower so I could leave the house on time..the baby is asleep and it’s just easier to shower way before he wakes..things get nuts around here once he’s awake.

Today is therapy day..which you all know I love and enjoy. My recovery would be nothing without that help. Even though I still need my meds. I haven’t been having as many attacks. I notice I usually get anxiety around 3.. when my family is winding down and I fear I won’t sleep..or when my partner arrives home..he’s my number one trigger..sad, yes. But he’s extremely difficult and mean..even though he cares deeply and loves me more than most married couples. He’s just wired much different than most men..he is all man!! And a really hard ass kinda guy.

Hope your Tuesday is dry and safe..I must get back to cleaning my home and drying my hair. Happy therapy day.


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