Short and sweet

Today I woke feeling pretty swell..last night the super bowl made me very anxious.. the  outcome sucked!! But that’s sports for ya!

These next few months are going to be a bit crazy.. my partner is the best man in a wedding, which keeps him busy every weekend and is draining our bank account. He will be heading to Vegas for a ufc fight for the Batchelor party and we are fronting the 4k ..we better get paid back! We are well off, but not that well off..and we are buying a we must watch our dollar bills. His busyness keeps me alone with that crazy child!! No break for this mommy.

I’m waiting on my referral to the shrink. I’m hopeful he can help medicate me for my sleep deprivation..I need to sleep. I believe if I could sleep, I would feel almost completely better.

I might never fully understand anxiety, but this journey has been an awesome ride..OK, not awesome..I’m just figuring myself out more.

My biggest trigger is my son. He’s so wild, it really scares me that he might have to be medicated and as you all know..we live more of a straight edge lifestyle..I do not believe in meds. Even tho. I need them to live..or I would be in a crazy family hear and watch me cry and say, I want to go stay in a hospital, until they figure this out..but they don’t put anxiety and panic disorder people in crazy much as I feel I’m going’s just my mind and body playing tricks on me. And it’s curable. When will I be cured?? Who knows, but I will be.

That’s why I love shows my progress and helps other know we are never alone in this..and best of all there is hope!! Never stop the hope.




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