Little pieces of hope

I woke with the usual nervous feelings in my body, so I decided to wake up and take my meds and just go with the flow.

It’s Saturday and I’m thinking we must leave this house! We do have a couple things to do…move furniture, shower and clean up the house. But we wake so early this should all be completed by 7 am..just in time to shower and change.

My youngest sister is the head of H.R for the NFL and she has been in texas for super bowl.. I think that she should have invited me!! Lol…what a nice break that could of been.

I want to talk about our new business adventure..I will be going back to work soon.when our company starts up..this is good and bad. I’ve as most of you know have owned a piece of a hairstyling buisness…so I’ve worked for myself for a while..I’ve always held management positions, but this will be partner is going to be my boss..yikes..he’s hard to work for. But this will help get me away from home and back to a job away from  home and colin..I’m thinking positive here!!

Happy Saturday.. Colin is awake now so I must attend to my baby.


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