Truth be told

I was thinking this weekend about my blog and wondering if I’m being too open. Someone made me feel less than comfortable sharing my past, my problems and progress. But then I remembered this is my blog, my life, and my progress. In a world where we can post pictures of our life and share our feelings with one click of our phone..and where others can blog about anything and everything…or how people can be fake and pretend to have the most perfect life on social media..why can’t I share something real. Is it wrong to share the real parts of our it only ok to share the good or the fake reality. You know most people are just hiding away behind those fake happy pictures and have real issues. I’m tired of reading everyone’s fake happiness. Or how you bought this or how you’re so rich you bought that.. yeah,’re so great. And don’t get me started on the fact you can blast your political views, as if your opinion is the correct one.

I just want to be real..and allow others to relate. The positive feedback back has been overwhelming and the emails from total strangers half way across the nation is literally mind blowing. I thank you for supporting me. And for the people that are so uncomfortable hearing what is real..I suggest you click back to your Facebook and just keep following those fake smiles and fake pompous posts. Cause I will never stop being real! This is me and I’m proud of myself. This has helped me..not only me but others..I’ve had in one day over 800 views on my second post in places like Australia and Africa..that blows my mind. And the private emails keep rolling in. So I thank you, for allowing this to be my safe place.. where no one judges me and a place to heal.

I’ve never been a private person and never will.. I’m not a liar or fake..I’m sorry if you want me to be, but I don’t shit rainbows and my son isn’t a unicorn. Deal with it or scat!!

Happy Monday


2 thoughts on “Truth be told

  1. It’s such a breath of fresh air to read and relate to someone who is so real and honest. Keep doing what you’re doing. And thank you! Your blog is so relatable to me and gives me strength on my shitty days. Sending you much love from Australia ❤️

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