So, some of the things I do everyday to help me try and stay on a low anxiety ride… I have 24 hour anxiety, but it’s the panic attacks that are freaky. Anxiety is always buzzing away inside my stomach and nerves. But one medication that works for me.. maybe won’t work for everyone though. Buspar, it’s non addictive and has low side affects. I highly recommend this medication if you’re seeking a medical doctors help. I use xanex only when I start to feel out of control.. right now it’s almost everyday.. so that’s a bummer.

I try to wake up at least 3 hours before my have me time. This is important..children can drain you and makes anxiety son is probably the most hyper child I’ve ever encountered.. it drives me insane, but he’s adorable, so that makes up for his naughty behavior.

I try and get out of the house as much as possible.. this can be hard when you’re a stay at home mom and when you work it’s from home. So, a change of scenery can help.

Watching caffeine intake..that’s really hard..if I’m extremely tired I need coffee, but during most weeks I have to stay clear of it., I have insomnia and I obviously can not be treated for this..and pharmaceutical sleeping pills just don’t work on me and over the counter works opossite on me.. so, when I can sleep it can help major!! At night I try to watch reruns..they help dull me to sleep.

When I’m in an attack or on the verge..I will not talk on the phone ..I will not pick up if you call..even if I’m feeling a bit more anxiety on certain days.

I will try and take a hot gets your mind off of the anxiety.

These are the only things I’ve found that work..if you have anything that works for you let me know..I’m always wanting more resources.


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