Saturday home alone with the toddler. Yup, my partner gets to break free from us and go whoop it up with his guy friends..for some chick’s 30th must be wondering  why I didn’t tag along.. great question. I have a 2 year old that has to  be in bed by 6pm or he turns into a demon. That was not a joke. He’s terrifying. If he’s not in  bed by 6..and he didn’t take a nap today which makes it incredibly hard to handle him. He turns into a hot mess. Turning our home upside down, breaking glass and taken out walls..He’s Hulk, I’m positive.

It always amazed me how woman get stuck at home while men can come and go as they please..hell, I even ask to take a shower..when he’s home just to see if he can watch Colin for a few moments. We shouldn’t have to ask for shower time.

So I’ve been cruising the job sections just hopefully something falls onto my lap and says you’re hired. But the whole process when you’re a mom is so much harder. You have to think about day care, how will you drop them off and still have time to put makeup on..or how will I have enough energy to pick him  back up..come home make dinner, clean, know, do everything on your list of chores..I always just took care of myself, now I have Colin to think of too..I’d say Colin’s daddy is just not concerned with our schedules. He’s straight from 1926..

I do not need a job, but at this point I’m ready..I have that itch to get back to a desk or chair and get back at it..if you’ve been a stay at home mom for 2 feel my pain. The push and pull of wanting to return to work, but never wanting to leave your child..yet you secretly want to go out for milk and never return on some crazy days. So, I guess I will look for now and apply when I see a few that fits my current life and we will just wing it.

And tonight I’m home alone.. so I’ll just close down all my computers and fall asleep to a new movie..

Here’s to all you working mom’s..and mostly to the single working mom. You’re Rockstar





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