This is my story, the journey  through the hardest times of my life…Anxiety and panic disorder. I decided  I needed  a healthy outlet, one where my mind could untangle the dark thoughts and start to understand what is happening to my mind and body. To start climbing out of this new place I call home.. Anxiety Hell! I wanted to share with the world my struggle. Because I feel it’s become an epidemic in our world. My blog will be filled with raw, uncensored and at times my words will sound disheveled. Because that is true anxiety… thoughts and feelings people can not understand. My hope is to reach others living in this hell, because we are not as alone as we feel. Anxiety and panic disorder will NOT claim me as its victim. I will fight hard to gain my life back..and my journey starts now..this blog is going to clear the fog. And I hope to help others see we are not alone, never alone.. this is a mental illness, that we should hold no shame towards..because we are going to be ok. Let’s claim our life back and fight this hell hole we’ve been given.

Please forgive my grammar and punctuation mistakes.I’m not a writer, but a stay at home mother with a cosmetologist license. I’ll  be blogging about the hard dark places of my life and have no time for spell check..I just need to purge my soul. If you have an issue with my writing mistakes…that’s your problem, not mine.

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I’m a mother to a little boy named Colin, he has the energy of 50 two year olds and the spirit of a million fierce tigers. I have completed a life dream of becoming a cosmetologist. But now spend my days caring for my growing son and his father.. I have many dreams and goals I’d still like to complete..but for now..I am just braving this journey, the journey of motherhood and anxiety. Two of the hardest things this earth has given me.

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Please feel free to message me. I would love to chat or answer any questions you might have. Thank you.